Master of Arts—Pastoral Ministry

Program Objectives

By completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Know the content and backgrounds of the Bible;
  • Demonstrate an increased understanding and use of the spiritual gifts and the five-fold leadership giftings;
  • Verbalize and operate in a biblical philosophy of pastoral ministry that embodies the love of Christ, the heart of Christ, and the methods of Christ;
  • Be able to release the power of the Holy Spirit in situations requiring physical healing, emotional healing, and deliverance; and
  • Gain a foundational knowledge of the historical and theological elements of church history and their impact on the church today.


Academic Success

Bible/Theol. Foundations

Revival History

Ministry Requirements

Ministry Electives


3 hours

15 hours

6 hours

15 hours

6 hours

3 hours

48 hours Total

All Courses are 3 credit hours

* Required Courses

For the full list of required courses, visit us from your desktop computer or view the PDF here.

Introductory Requirements

Biblical Theological Foundations

GENL 1003*



Academic Success 

BTHE 5003*

BTHE 5013*

BTHE 5023*

BTHE 5243*

BTHE 5253*

Intro to the Old Testament

Intro to the New Testament


Systematic Theology I

Systematic Theology II

Practical Ministry Elective Courses

(Choose 2)

PMIN 5005

PMIN 5013

PMIN 5053

PMIN 5063

PMIN 5073

PMIN 5083

PMIN 5093

PMIN 5103

Spiritual Gifts

Christian Ethics

Worship & Renewal Studies

Models of Church Planting


Evang./Disc. in Small Groups

Five-Fold Ministry Gifts

21st Century Apologetics

 PMIN 5113

PMIN 5123

PMIN 5133

PMIN 5143

HEAL 5013

HEAL 5033

HEAL 5043

HEAL 5053

Prophecy: Biblical and Today



Becoming Like Jesus

Physical Healing 2

Inner Healing 2

Deliverance 1

Deliverance 2

Revival History Courses

(Choose 2)

Practical Ministry Foundations

REVL 5013

REVL 5023

REVL 5033

Early Church to Reformation

Reformation to Azusa Street

Azusa Street to the Present

PMIN 5003*

PMIN 5023*

PMIN 5033*

HEAL 5003*

HEAL 5023*

Spiritual Formation/Discipleship

Pastoral Care/Counseling

Ministry Leadership

Physical Healing 1

Inner Healing 1


(Choose 1)

PRAC 5003

PRAC 5013

PRAC 5023

PRAC 5033


Advanced Ministry Practicum

Advanced Research Project

Missions Leadership