Master of Divinity—Bible Concentration


By completing this program, students will be able to:

  • Know the content and backgrounds of the Bible;
  • Demonstrate an increased understanding and use of the spiritual gifts and the five-fold leadership giftings;
  • Explain how the character of Christ is vital to one’s personal life and to one’s ministry and how he/she is growing in this area;
  • Gain a foundational knowledge of the historical and theological elements of church history and their impact on the church today; and
  • Be able to release the power of the Holy Spirit in situations requiring physical healing, emotional healing, and deliverance.

For the full list of required courses, visit us from your desktop computer or view the PDF here.

Introductory Requirements

GENL 1003*

Academic Success in Writing and Research

Biblical Theological Foundations

BTHE 5003*

BTHE 5013*

BTHE 5023*

BTHE 5043*


Introduction to the Old Testament

New Testament Survey


Systematic Theology

Biblical Theological Elective Options

BTHE 5083

BTHE 5093

BTHE 5103

BTHE 5123

BTHE 5133

BTHE 5143

BTHE 5153

BTHE 5163

BTHE 5173


Gospels (Teachings of Jesus)




Biblical Prophecy


Biblical Apocalyptic Literature


Christian Theologies

Language Courses#

LANG 5003

LANG 5013

LANG 5023

LANG 5033

LANG 5043


Introduction to Biblical Languages

New Testament Greek I AND

New Testament Greek II

Old Testament Hebrew I AND

Old Testament Hebrew II

Revival Courses

REVL 5013*

REVL 5023*

REVL 5033*

Early Church to the Reformation

Reformation to Azusa Street

Azusa Street to the Present


Practical Ministry Foundations

PMIN 5003*

PMIN 5093*

PMIN 5133*

HEAL 5003*

HEAL 5023*

Spiritual Formations and Discipleship

Five-fold Ministry Gifts


Physical Healing 1

Inner Healing 1


PRAC 5003

PRAC 5013

PRAC 5023

PRAC 5033


Advanced Ministry Practicum


Comprehensive Exam and Portfolio


Intro courses

Bible Foundations


Revival History

Ministry Requirements


3 hours

12 hours

24 hours

6 hours

9 hours

15 hours

6 hours

75 hours Total

All Courses are 3 credit hours

* Required Courses
# May substitute with BTHE courses